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Faux Ox (2010)

Faux Ox's maiden adventure in recording land.

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Faux Ox


One billion years ago, when the Earth was but a barren wasteland, a large volcano erupted and from its ashes arose Faux Ox. The explosion could be heard as far away as Nepal, where it attracted mystical guitarist Jagdeep, whose free-flowing fingers enchanted ropes of power. From the ooze and strange of Bostonís dangerous land sprouted Anthony. Whom rapidly produced hands and a voice best evolved to play guitar and sing. At the epicenter of the seismic waves was the loud drumming and clanging of Ben: Shaker of Magma, crusty with rhythm, smelling sweet of baby oxen. Once this rag tag team of anti-heroes united, there was no stopping the carnage. From that day forth Faux Ox would forever agitate volcanic explosions with their hyperactive, post-apocalyptic, post-punk weirdness.

Ben, Anthony, Jagdeep



Completed Albums

Faux Ox(2010)

Faux Ox's maiden adventure in recording land.

No tracks have been uploaded for this album yet.